Steelgenix Energy Technology

The SteelGenix insulated panels are ideal for projects with a focus on energy efficiency and speed of construction. Our exterior wall and roof panels have a 50 year proven history on industrial and cold storage applications.

Our various series of wall and roof panels are filled with non CFC polyurethane modified isocyanurate foam. The panels are manufactured in a uniform pressure laminating process that bonds metal facings to pre-cured insulating rigid foam cores. The process uses structural urethane adhesives applied under heat and pressure to form an integral bond between steel and foam. Cores are inspected at the factory for uniform density and cell structure, and then are cut by a laser guided saw to exacting tolerances. This extra care ensures premium quality flat cores, suitable for use with embossed or smooth facings.

The Insulated panels are provided with hidden fastener off-set joinery for easy installation from the building exterior. Vertical and Horizontal wall panel options are available with a closed (SI) or reveal (RI) exterior joint.

End joints are finished with a matching extruded aluminum piece set with sealing tapes and plugged at reveals, or panels can be factory folded for a"trimless" installation. Trimless end joints are commonly treated with a field applied gasket or foam backer rod and sealant.


Although many people believe an R value for construction materials is the equivalent of the thermal performance, there are many factors that significantly reduce efficiency in traditional stick and batt building. You must also consider all the non-insulated items such as studs, bracing, nails and screws, and electrical boxes. Key findings from technical analysis include:

• A 4" Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) wall has a "whole wall performance" of R-14.

• A 2"x4" batt insulated wall has a whole wall performance of R-9.5.

• A 2"x6" batt insulated wall has a whole wall performance of R-13.7.

• Standard components in stick and batt construction can reduce R-values by up to 30% from their advertised values.

insulated panels.jpg

The R-24 "whole wall performance" of a standard SteelGenix 3" IP is more than 2.5 times higher than a timber framed 2x4 batt insulated wall.

You would have to frame with 12" walls to get this performance with timber framing, and it offers almost twice the thermal efficiency of a 4" SIP wall.