What types of homes does Steelgenix manufacture?

Steelgenix is a model-based home aggregation company that delivers homes as EcoPods on chassis (“TinyHomes on Wheels, THOW)” or on foundation (“MicroHomes”). Steelgenix strives to furnish smart design with responsible materials and construction.

We build fire-resistant homes with commercial-grade components to ensure your home’s long-term safety and security.

The Steelhaus (8.5’ wide x 24’ long) is available:

  • As a resort model yielding short-, mid-, and long-term rental income
  • As an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). It features approximately 204 square feet plus a loft space, a pull out couch with a queen bed, and two sleeping mezzanine loft spaces with queen-sized mattresses
  • As a Steelhaus Core & Shell. This includes a steel chassis, a superstructure, Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), doors, windows, and floor

The Stealth (10’ wide x 28’ long) is available:

  • As a resort model yielding short-, mid-, and long-term rental income
  • As an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). It features approximately 280 square feet plus loft space, a pull out couch with a queen bed, and one sleeping mezzanine loft space with a queen-sized mattress 
  • As a Stealth Core & Shell. This includes a steel chassis, a superstructure, Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), doors, windows, and floor

Both the Steelhaus and the Stealth can also be configured as stackable, high-density living spaces for anyone who wants to place multiple units in tight urban spaces. 

What are Steelgenix homes like? 

Both the Steelhaus and the Stealth homes are inspired by modern architecture. They are designed to fit neatly in your space, whether that’s in the the city, in an open lot, or in your backyard. They are prefabricated with a clean, innovative, and original design that does not compromise on comfort or amenities.

Is a Steelgenix Home for me?

Steelgenix values diversity and hopes to grow stronger communities in metro areas during a time when middle-class housing is disappearing. Our homes and buildings encourage attainable and sustainable living practices for all individuals, families, developers, businesses, and governments. Our spaces are versatile, and encompass backyard dwellings; multi-family apartments; condos; hotels; student, workforce, and multigenerational housing; any anything else our clients can imagine.

Which cities are Steelgenix homes offered in? 

We can deliver homes to properties in any of the lower 48 states. We can also reach Alaska and Hawaii, but a shipping cost applies. Steelgenix homes meet 95+% of the code requirements related to snow loads, wind loads, and seismic activity. 

Can I rent a unit? 

Yes! WeeCasa, located in Lyons, Colorado, is the largest Tiny House Village in the nation. A Steelhaus unit is available to rent here for vacations or staycations, and are perfect if you want the experience of living tiny without the commitment of buying. For booking information please visit our WeeCasa booking page here

What are the available floor plans and can I customize my own floor plan?

As Steelgenix grows, so will our number of available floor plans. We currently offer two models – the Steelhaus and the Stealth. These homes are available in studio, side-by-side, or stacked EcoPod configurations. Steelgenix is also working on an exciting new model that is 10’ wide x 40’ long.

What is the difference between a TinyHome and a MircoHome?

A Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW) is just that – a home on wheels (chassis). A MicroHome sits on a foundation. 

Are Steelgenix structures considered container homes?

No. The concept is similar, but the approach is different. Steelgenix’s approach is to engineer a purpose-built home that utilizes a steel superstructure with Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs), yielding a highly thermally conductive envelope and ensuring sustainability.  

We believe that container homes are less viable due to their design limitations and thermal properties. The container home approach is perceived to be less expensive, but its cost is typically higher due to retrofitting costs to meet a desired design, insulation costs, and welding and connecting costs.

Are Steelgenix THOW and MicroHomes considered mobile homes?

They certainly can be. A mobile home, by definition, is a large house trailer that is parked in one place and used as a permanent living accommodation. A THOW is essentially a mobile home, since it sits on a trailer with or without wheels. There is always the option to travel with your THOW, but this will require a tank for wastewater. 

Steelgenix gives you the freedom to choose between a THOW or a MicroHome – a permanent structure on a foundation. Once a MicroHome is installed, it is considered to be a permanent structure that is certified by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Both THOW and MicroHomes are prefabricated and transported to the buyer’s chosen site.

Can I customize my THOW, MicroHome or EcoPod?  

Buyers do have some latitude for customization, but this requires at least three months of lead time for construction. Or, for complete design latitude, buyers may purchase a completed Core & Shell model. If you have further questions regarding this topic, please call or email us at 303-872-0606 or

Why steel?  

Steelgenix models are simply built to last. We firmly believe that steel is the best material for providing smart design and unparalleled execution. Steel is stronger and lighter than wood. Through steel processing, 85% of steel is recyclable. Additionally, only about 2% of steel is wasted during construction, whereas over 20% of wood is wasted. Steel does not rot, mold, or house termites, ensuring clean air. It is energy efficient, non-combustible, and offers great design latitude.

What is a Steelgenix core and shell?  

It is an airtight steel envelope that includes a steel superstructure, an integrated Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) system, exterior doors, windows, and flooring, providing an unparalleled water-penetration-free envelope.

Do you sell plans and materials?

Currently, we do not sell plans or building materials. All homes are built by Steelgenix leveraging, a skilled ecosystem of architects, structural engineers, suppliers, distributors, and master builders in the Denver area. Steelgenix ensures that every square foot we build meets our uncompromising standards of quality and durability while meeting local and national building codes.

Investing in a THOW or MicroHome.

How much is a Steelgenix THOW or MicroHome?

Steelhaus starts at $89,000 with additional options
Stealth starts at $99,000 with additional options

Do you offer financing?

Not currently. However, homes that are installed as permanent structures (MicroHomes) are treated like conventional construction projects by lenders. Once installed on your property, they can be financed just like regular houses! 

If you need to finance a THOW, the process is a bit more complicated. Though financing isn’t widely available, there are some companies that finance THOW. They include: 

Zoning and Permits.

Do SteelGenix homes meet my property’s zoning requirements?

Since MicroHomes are permanently fixed to a foundation, they should meet your local zoning requirements. Steelgenix encourages you to check in with your local city and county planning officials to ensure that you are compliant with local zoning ordinances.   Some states, such as California, allow for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). To learn more about ADUs please visit: ADU zoning compliance depends on the size of the THOW or MicroHome permitted.

Once again, it is more difficult to find zoning that allows for THOW. Whether you are looking to purchase a THOW or a MicroHome, you should always understand your area’s regulations, such as architectural control committees, homeowners’ associations, Design Review Boards, etc. 

Additionally, if you are interested in stackable or side-by-side home concepts, your zoning laws must allow for multi-family or mixed-use development. 

Zoning varies widely by location, and we recommend consulting with a land use professional, civil engineer, or local land planner to confirm the feasibility of your project. We are here to support you in this process, and we encourage you to contact our sales team to discuss the specifics of your project and property.

How do utilities such as water, sewer and power work with a THOW?

Steelgenix homes connect to utilities like a traditional single-family home or apartment complex. We can also accommodate off-grid solutions such as solar systems with battery packs, water retention systems, compost toilets, etc. Please reach out to us if this piques your interest.

Does Steelgenix meet local building codes?  

Yes. Steelgenix makes strategic investments with architects and structural engineers to ensure that our homes are structurally sound and energy efficient. Steelgenix builds to International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), and Title 24 (a code unique to California). Steelgenix strives to stay ahead of building codes by delivering innovative design and execution. Please keep in mind that each project requires standard local building and site permits. Steelgenix is here to help guide you through the process.

Where can I place a THOW?  

This is dependent upon local zoning. Please contact your local city and county planning officials and/or a qualified real estate agent. You can also visit:

Developer Process.

Will Steelgenix provide a feasibility study for my site?

In the spirit of a partnership with developers, Steelgenix will work with you to provide preliminary site plans as well as general research into zoning, density, ordinances, building codes, seismic, temperature, and wind requirements. This service is intended to help provide support for initial feasibility on specific projects that typically already have land (either owned or under contract), a timeline, and a source of capital. After initial feasibility is completed, you will need to engage a local architect or land planner to understand all local constraints and requirements of implementing (a) unit(s) on the parcel or land.

How is Steelgenix involved through the development process?

Think of us as having a seat at the table alongside your architect, civil engineer, and general contractor. We do not take their place, but we’ll work with them to make sure that everyone is coordinated and in sync. 

How long will it take to build a Steelhaus or Stealth home?

The building process for each home takes approximately three months. For a personalized time estimate for your project, we recommend discussing your needs with our sales team. We can often manufacture a unit faster than our buyers can obtain a permit and build a foundation, so manufacturing should never be the constraining factor.

Are you a Developer with land with the desire to create a THOW or Micro Home Village?  

If your answer is yes, call or email us at 303-872-0606 or to discuss an exciting partnership!