Answers to some commonly asked questions:


Can I customize my MicroHome?
Yes, customers can purchase a completely dried in, air tight, water proof Core and Shell including the: Superstructure, Insulated Metal Panels, Doors/Windows and Floor allowing customers to design and finish the inside.

Why steel?
Steel is not only stronger its lighter,  75+/-% recyclable, only 2% waste using steel versus 20+% with wood, its non-combustable, rot/termite/black mold free and expansive    

A container approach?
This approach is perceived less expensive however its typically more money due to retrofitting the containers to meet a desired design, insulating, welding/connection cost, etc.

Do we attend Tiny Home conferences, jamborees & expos?
We do our very best to participate in Tiny Home events however its based on proximity to Denver, CO

Steelgenix can provide MicroHomes on wheels or on chassis / foundation based on models in an EcoPad format

The Steelhaus and the Stealth MicroHome can now be delivered throughout 90% of North America

Steelgenix can ship the kit of parts (Superstructure and Insulated Metal Panels) to the site you're building on (foundation).

Steelgenix offers some customization latitude on your MicroHome however please allow for 90 days lead time

Steelgenix meets or exceeds local building codes such as structural integrity, energy efficiencies, thermal gap/bridging tolerances, constructability, etc.

Where can I place a MicroHome on Wheels?
This is very important to understand prior to purchasing a MicroHome.
Please check with the following:

Your local City & County officials, a certified real estate agent or attorney to understand local zoning
You can also check with Try It Tiny,

How do I finance a MicroHome?
There are companies that do finance MicroHomes however as of today, financing isn’t readily available:

LightStream (SunTrust Bank)

MidWest Leasing, Colorado

Are you a Developer with land?
Call or email us on 303-872-0606 or to discuss an equitable partnership



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